Modjool is a system of statement jewellery, that features three distinct modular ranges, which can be worn individually, mixed and matched or combined magnetically. The wearer can adapt the appearance by simply changing colour, shape, size, material or style, all within the same jewellery collection.


Click is collection of colourful magnetic jewellery. Each piece can be worn separately or attached together. The options mean you can match this range to anything. Your favourite outfit, sport team, day of the year...you can even join two together for a two tone piece.

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Shape is bold, geometric, statement jewellery. Each piece is made using chunky solid silver. The Pendants can be magnetically attached to any of the colourful Click Range using a special bail.

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Build is fun customisable jewellery. The silver ring and necklace base pieces can be transformed by adding a variety of colourful beads and stoppers. You can create a different look every day. Mix the colours up or choose a neutral palette for something more sophisticated.

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Maybe because I don't know the 'rules' that govern the creative process as it is presumably taught, design for me is very fluid and unstructured. I sit down and start playing with the bits and piece I have gathered over the years. I enjoy mixing colours, textures and materials. The aim is always to create something different, unique, unusual.

Modjool started with the Build Ring, since then, it has grown into a whole family of interactive jewellery, attracting fashion conscious customers eager to take advantage of the versatility of the range.

I have another jewellery brand called Gracie J which has a completely different in look and feel, which you might also like.

Creative Director