Why is the PVC a slightly different colour to my last purchase?

The pvc is made (in Great Britain) in batches of 200m. It's impossible to guarantee an exact match so there may be slight colour difference in future purchases.

Why does the silver tarnish?

All silver, whether pure or plated, tarnishes when exposed to air. Some people "tarnish" silver more than others. It's a mixture of residue on your skin and sometimes products/perfumes can contribute to tarnishing.If tarnishing does occur, clean with a silver cloth or a cloth dipped in silver dip. It is reasonable to expect some tarnishing to occur.

How do I know which ring size to choose?

The rings come in standard sizes. If you are not sure which size to choose, visit a jewellers and ask to have your ring size checked. Modjool rings are designed to be worn on the middle or ring finger.

What happens if I buy something (i.e. for a gift) and it's the wrong size?

As long as the jewellery is returned unworn and in it's original packaging and within 14 days of purchase, it can be exchanged for a different size.

Why can't I use my Modjool pendant with other brands of jewellery (i.e. a chain)

The bail used on Modjool pendants has been specifically designed to work with Modjool magnetic click jewellery only.

What about the magnets. Are they safe for everyone?

For most people, they are completely safe and may even have health benefits in terms of circulation. But they should not be worn if you have a pacemaker.

Why is delivery longer for some pieces?

The Shape range are made to order and larger pieces are then hallmarked so delivery could be up to 3 weeks.