Airline Retail Conference

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Having spent years with Gracie J (my other jewellery brand) attending trade shows up and down the country, how nice it was to attend something completely different. The @airline_retail conference.

There's a real sense of impending gloom in the high street just now.  We're getting it from all angles in the media - banks are in trouble, european economic climate grim, even this dreadful weather - it's all stopping people shopping.

So, how refreshing to be part of an event attended by all sorts of great people who are genuinely interested in sourcing new products for this growing global market.  Exciting for me as I'm flying the flag for British Made.

Here's one of the 4 things I took along.  It's specifically designed for the airline retail market so will only be available when you jet off to (if you're lucky) warmer climes.  

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